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Management software for sports association

"SPORTS CLUB MANAGEMENT" is the ideal management tool for your Sports Association!

Thanks to a simplified and intuitive interface, you can manage your sports season according to your needs down to the smallest detail:
online registration, course schedule with technical content taught for each course, assignment of teachers, accounting, information relating to your sports club or sports association, creation of automatic invoices for your members.

Main features:

  • Basic settings: management of sports seasons, online registration of your members, grades of your sports activity (belts, gloves, coats of arms, arrows, ranking, etc.), information relating to sports instructors, accounting, etc.
  • Detailed statistics from your sports association or sports club.
  • Management of sports seasons (start and end dates of the season).
  • List of techniques by grade to be taught or already taught.
  • Organization of the course schedule on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.
    (activities, places, schedules, instructors ...)
  • Management of members for the sports season (editable member files...).
  • Personalized management of member information (surname, first name, date of birth, address, telephone, email, license number, medical certificates, etc.) with the possibility of creating your own fields!
  • Simplified administrative management by creating automatic invoices for members.
  • Integrated accounting with management of recurring and one-off receipts/expenses.
  • Import in CSV format of your data (members, grades, techniques, etc.)
  • Export of your data by item or total.

    Important points :

  • Plug-in compatible with all websites
  • Database stored on your server whether mutuality, VPS or dedicated server.
    (no cloud, no external storage or communication of your data)
  • Sports Club Management in detail

    Customize the software
    of your sports club

  • Complete billing information with your logo
  • Fill in the courses, the grades, the techniques taught,...
  • Fill in the price of your contributions (annual / monthly)
  • Detail and validate the techniques taught
    in your discipline

  • Create as many different techniques as you want
  • Assign your techniques by ranks or rank level
  • Find them automatically in the course schedule
  • Create your grading system

  • Create as many ranks as you want
  • Customize your rank levels
  • Assign a unique color per grade
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